CommVault Fundamentals

Configuration and management of CommCell
Configuration of library and media options and data
Paths for secure and optimum use
Data retention configuration and rules
Creation, configuration, and association of policies

CommVault Implementation and Maintenance Module 1

Identifying Deployment Requirements
Designing a CommCell Infrastructure
Understanding CommVault Software Indexing
Designing a Storage Infrastructure
Designing a Deduplication Solution
Protecting Virtual Environments

CommVault Implementation and Maintenance Module 2

Installing CommVault Software
Understanding Installation Options and Requirements
Sizing, Locating and Installing Components
Installation Methods and Best Practices
Common Installation Problems and Solutions

CommVault Implementation and Maintenance Module 3

Advanced Configurations
Configuring Encryption
Advanced Stream Management and Library Configuration
Advanced Retention Design
Advanced Media Management Handling

CommVault Implementation and Maintenance Module 4

Maintaining a CommCell Environment
Understanding the CommVault Software Update Process
Configuring / Managing CommVault Software and Update Caches
Understanding and Using CommVault Troubleshooting Tools
Troubleshooting Methodology

Practice Test & Interview Question – Module 5