Module 1: Netapp Basics.

Module 2 : Netapp Management

• Explain the primary function of a storage appliance
• Use a storage appliance’s system configuration from an adminhost
• Explain the basics functions and features of Data ONTAP 8.0
• Setup volume and set volume specific options
• Identify, Configure, & manage physical & virtual interface parameters on a storage appliance
• Export & mount a storage appliance’s volume to a host.
• Join a storage appliance into a Windows 2000 domain
• Create Qtrees
• Create, Map & Access LUNS via Windows host and a Solaris host
• Initialize a filer & create a new file system
• Perform an install, license protocols & upgrade a storage appliance’s system files
• Set the Snapshot schedule on a storage appliance
• Restore a deleted file from the snapshots directory
• Manage quotas on a storage appliance
• Backup a volume and a qtree using a storage appliances native dump command
• Restore a volume & a qtree using a storage appliances native restore command
• Concept on Replication technologies services on a storage appliance
• Implementation & Configuration of SnapMirror and Snapvault
• Administration of Active/Active Configuration.
• Perform a volume copy on a storage appliance
• Access & execute a storage appliance’s admin privilege commands
• Access & modify the storage appliance’s optional settings
• Use the command reference to find details about commands

Module 3 : Interview Preparation